Bugs 11-19-2020

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Bugd Bugs 11-19-2020

Unread post by SirMichael » 18 Nov 2020 17:24

============ New Bug ===============

Both your Silver and Copper Bank accounts do NOT work correctly.

You can deposit Both Silver and Copper Coins into you Bank Accounts, You can NOT Withdraw them.

So until I can figure out what the problem is, just do NOT use the Silver or Copper Coin Ban Accounts.

The Silver/Copper Coins work just fine for any of the other Town Functions.

============ New Bug ===============

Challenge Arena - PvP Fighting. When accepting a challenge your Rivals Character Images does not appear. - Fixed 09 Dec 2020

============ Fixed Bug ===============

There was a bug that when reaching the 46th Character Level, you Character would be forever at that level. Fixed and working now.
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